Mar 12, 2019

Wedding Day Tips From a Wedding Photographer | Highlands Ranch Wedding Photographer | Monica Evans Photography


So, planning a wedding huh?
It is supposed to be the most exciting time ever, and everyone tells you how amazing it is…. What they don’t tell you, is all the little things they didn’t think of. I mean how could they? They didn’t think of it right? That’s why we decided a series of wedding day tips could help!

We’ve seen it all!

Have you ever seen the gorgeous photos with the perfect bottle of perfume, or a ring shot with the most radiant sparkles? Have you ever wondered how the hell you are going to pee 6 hours later after putting your dress on and having at least 3 drinks? Take it from me ladies, as a wedding photographer here in Colorado, I have seen it all! Period starts on your wedding day? What?! Run in your hose? Pop a button? The list goes on, but if you ask any wedding planner, or photographer who’s been doing this more than 1 month- they will tell you they’ve seen these things too. Is there an (what seems to be) endless list of things that could go wrong? Well, yes. But are there wedding photographer (like myself) who have been through the fire and lived and can now tell the story? Again, YES!

So I’ve decided to start a series of tips for your wedding day- I have many, way too many for one blog post. It doesn’t matter how much you want your wedding day to go perfect and swimmingly and all that jazz, nobody will sit here and read through the end if I post all at once. So take what you need what applies to you and leave the rest! I will post most to this series and share the rest with you overtime so be sure to keep checking for updates.


The tips-

Without further ado- A wedding photographers wedding day tips 1-5

  1. First things first- Yes getting engaged is insanely exciting! But, take a few weeks to just enjoy that time and excitement with each other. Don’t start planning immediately- believe me there will be times it gets a little stressful and you don’t want your entire engagement feeling that way. Just relax and enjoy <3


2. Guest lists are probably one of the most stressful parts- Remember, you are planning a wedding- not a family reunion. If you haven’t seen Aunt Betty and her new husband in 5 years, don’t feel obligated to invite them.

Evergreen LaEvergreen-Lake-House-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer-Monica-Evans-Photographyke House Colorado Wedding Photographer | Monica Evans Photography

3. For you flower girl- order a beautiful handkerchief and have it embroidered with your wedding date and a sweet note for her to use on her wedding day for her “something old”


4. Splurge on a new bottle of perfume- it can be the same you always use, or a special one that you will save for special times later. The smell will always remind you of that amazing day, plus your photographer will get some fantastic detail shots of your sparkly clean and full perfume bottle!


5. Leave room on your RSVP cards for your guests to leave song requests! It will help you to include all genres of music that your guests like, as well as making your guests feel special when their song request comes on.


Alright ladies and gents, that is your first 5 wedding day tips! If you have any I didn’t mention Please Please comment below and leave them! I would love to have even more helpful tips to share with my brides! One thing I love about being a wedding photographer is that I am able to be an integral part of peoples happiest and best days! And being able to be helpful and a part of that is so so special and rewarding! Thanks for sticking around and keep following for the next set of tips!



  1. A great post with so many helpful tips!

  2. Valeria says:

    Such a great idea. I love your style and the photos you’ve included here. Looking forward to reading more tips!

  3. Kaleigh says:

    Ooooh I love these ideas! Especially the one for the flower girl <3!

  4. Greg M says:

    Those are all so wonderful! I even printed them out!!!
    Thank You for taking your time to do this!


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