Apr 3, 2019

About Me – Wednesday’s Introductions- Highlands Ranch Photographer


So I know Friday is supposed to be introductions day or what not- but after having my first photography headshots done in over 2 years I couldn’t wait to share these from a recent swap. you get an early chance to get to know your Highlands Ranch Photographer. This photo taken by the amazing @redrock_portrait_design

Photography work

So a little about me for the people who have probably never met me: I am a Highlands Ranch Photographer specializing in weddings and newborn work. I travel all over Colorado for weddings, and anywhere in the world I’m needed!



I am a mom to 2 kiddos, 2 fur babies, wife to a train guy, living in Denver and loving every minute of it. I am obsessed with this mountain life, being outdoors hiking, photographing, running, Jesus, traveling, adventuring, exploring and basically all things related. ( In no particular order)

We are total foodies and absolutely love trying new foods. We are always open to recommendations so leave some in a comment if you have some local ones!


Photographer History

I have been doing photography for almost 6 years now, and began specializing in weddings 3 years ago. While I do shoot a very wide variety of photography genres- I do really truly love shooting weddings.Every single thing about my job makes my heart sing.

I tell every couple that it is my pleasure to shoot their wedding, and I’m not lying. I get really excited and happy and energized on wedding days. After finding what it meant to “Do what you love” I could never go back to a different profession or career.

Fun facts:

Some fun facts about me:
1. I have my degree in Criminal Justice: Victim Studies
2. I investigated crimes against children for a few years before switching professions (The first time 😀 )
3. I taught high school math and special education for 5 years.
4. I shoot film for my portrait and wedding work- check out some of my previous posts, I discuss it frequently!
5. I do have pink hair and I absolutely love it.
6. My life motto is “If it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else, then go for it”
7. My husband and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage this year.
8. I was born and raised in a TINY town in Texas, and I lived in Texas until last year. I do love Colorado so deeply, but any born and bred Texan knows “I call it home”
9. My favorite brands are Madewell and Freebirds.




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