Apr 13, 2019

What to Wear to Your Newborn Session | Highlands Ranch Newborn Photographer


I’ve been there. Scheduling family photos and trying to figure out what in the world are we going to wear to our newborn photo session? Does everyone even have something that coordinates with each other? I really don’t want to drag the family all over town or the mall to all buy new outfits.
I’ here to let you know- we are all overthinking this!
It truly does NOT have to be this hard or stressful. When planning your newborn photo session, remember these tips.


  1. Have everyone wear something very neutral. Think of creams, beiges, greys. If you want to do patterns it can work, but shouldn’t be too busy or too many people wearing patterns.
  2. Baby is the easiest! For my newborn photo sessions I have baby in a plain white onesie. If you have a swaddle you are partial to, bring it. My newborn sessions are incredibly natural, baby led and organic.
  3. Dad’s and toddlers should stick to the color palettes mentioned above, boys and Dads can wear jeans and be barefoot for photos. Sisters can go with jeans also, or wear dresses similar to mom! Both looks absolutely precious and are fully dependent on which is more fitting for your family.
  4. For Mom, I recommend a comfortable, and not too tight dress. Think maybe a maxi style, or just a flowy style. If you don’t have anything like this they can be found like this one linked for around $20 on Amazon or Forever 21. This example on Amazon is another good option.
  5. If you need an idea for Dads, I LOVE this example from JCrew! For only $20 this is a great option from Amazon!

Newborn photography sessions with me are fun, natural, organic, and simple. There are a few tips that can definitely help it go smoother, so don’t stress yourself out about one of the most special and memorable times after bringing home a new baby.



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