Apr 15, 2019

Tips to prepare for your newborn photo session | Highlands Ranch Newborn Photographer


When you schedule your newborn photo session there are a few very simple tips and tricks to keep in mind to help your photo session go as smooth and enjoyable as possible. A newborn session with us usually lasts 1:30- 2 hours so just keep that in mind when planning other things for that day as well.

A few tips for your session-

  1. Plan to arrive to your newborn photo session about 10 minutes early. The first trip out of the house with a new baby, especially if there are siblings can take some getting used to and is a bit of glorious chaos. There will probably be some messy noses, diapers that need to be changed or outfits that need to be changed so by arriving to your newborn photo session a few minutes early, this can help you to have a moment to get changed and breathe.
  2. When picking out your outfits there are a couple things to keep in mind. First, you do not all need to match (i.e. all in white shirt and black pants). You should definitely go with neutrals, think creams, beige, greys etc. but not everybody looking exactly alike. The guys having jeans and a comfortable shirt is a great option! Girls in a comfortable dress, or blouse. Just remember think neutrals!
  3. After picking out your outfits, be sure to have everyone try them on to ensure they fit well, look good together and are comfortable for everyone. This will also help ensure no one clashes with each other.
  4. Pick out outfits that are comfortable. This is a fun family session and there is no need to dress in Sundays best for this type of session. Everyone will be happier and more compliant to participate when they are comfortable.
  5. Have your baby dressed in a solid white onesie if you have it. If not, don’t worry- we always keep extras.
  6. If you have a sentimental bow or swaddle feel free to bring it, we may or may not use it. Remember these newborn sessions are very simple, organic, and natural. We focus as much as possible on the natural and simple beauty of a new family and new baby.


Once you book your session, with us or anyone else, you should expect an email with any other preparation tips from your photographer! I hope this helps you when planning your newborn photo session here in Highlands Ranch.



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