Apr 15, 2019

Wedding day tips from a wedding photographer part 2 | Highlands Ranch Wedding Photographer

Wedding day tips part 2

A few weeks ago I posted part 1 of wedding day tips from a wedding photographer, you can find that post here.
Part 2 starts below!


  1. Wedding dress alterations, ohhhh wedding dress alterations. The part of the process that can be easy peasy with a good seamstress or Not so easy- so the obvious tip is find a reputable seamstress. BUT that’s not the tip I’m listing. When getting your alterations done, make sure to sit in your dress while they are measuring and pinning to be sure you don’t have it altered too tight. Trust me on this one! It will make a huge difference on the comfort you experience the night of the wedding!


2. Get your ring CLEANED! by a professional! Smudges and fingerprints will dampen it’s perfect sparkle. And let’s be honest, most of us are not particularly good at keeping up with having it cleaned after the wedding. So enjoy that perfect sparkle while you can!


3. Ok this one is HUGE!  Break in your wedding shoes before the wedding!!! I know you don’t want them to get dirty or scuffed, but ladies- I promise you- this will make a huge difference when you’re dancing the night away!


4. Have an appointed person who is solely in charge of keeping track of the marriage certificate. After it has been signed, have the officiant mail it off!


5. If you are stressing about wedding favors- DON’T! Always go the food route, whoopie pies, m&m’s, bags of candies, or homemade jams are all amazing (and only a few) ideas!





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