May 2, 2019

Best Baby Shower Games | Highlands Ranch Baby Photographer

I already know what you are thinking- baby shower games? Blech- everyone hates baby shower games. But take it from this baby photographer– these are good ones!

But let me tell you about two games I experienced recently at my sister in laws baby shower that were a huge hit for everyone that was at the baby shower.

The baby shower games

  1. The Price is Right- baby edition
    So for this game the hostess or whomever is in charge of games puts together a small basket with typical baby items such as binky’s, onesies, bottles, diapers, wipes etc. Then you make a list of each item and a place for each guest to guess what the items cost. when finished, add up the total price. The person who wins has to be the closest to the total but CANNOT go over.
  2. Baby Shower Gift Bingo- Ok- This one is very easy for the hostess. There are lots of templates for this that can be found on etsy, pinterest etc. The players each need a blank bingo board and the guests each fill in all the squares with items they expect the momma to open. As momma-to-be opens gifts, the guests cross off the items that are on their board. First to get BINGO wins!

You guys, both of these games were a HUGE HIT! There were grandpas, grandmas, cousins, dad and tons of women that were all actively engaged and loving the game!
I think the trick to keeping the guests involved and active in the games is to limit it to only 2 great games and not try to have 5 games going on throughout the entire baby shower. Also- other key point, don’t pick games that humiliate a pregnant momma. No one like that 😀

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!Highlands-ranch-newborn-photographer




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