May 4, 2019

The Baby Shusher | Highlands Ranch Photographer

Have you ever wanted to know what our magic trick is as a newborn photographer? How is it we get the baby so calm and relaxed? How do we get the baby’s face so calm and keep them from startling themselves awake without a swaddler? Don’t tell them Monica Evans the Highlands Ranch Photographer told you 😀

I’ll tell you our little secret…..


It’s called The Baby Shusher. It is this magical device that some genius (that I wish I had thought of) designed that mimics the noise baby hears inside of the womb. You guys I have tried EVERY white noise app in the apple app store and nothing does the trick like this baby shusher.


I know we probably shouldn’t tell you all our tricks, and trust me we have a few more up our sleeves. But if you have perhaps a colicky baby, or one that startles themselves awake many times at night or just really struggles to settle into a comfortable, restful deep sleep then give the baby shusher a try! No, I am not endorsed or being paid for this, I just have been the zombie mom. The mom barely functioning and putting the remote in the freezer. The mom who would have killed for anything to help my child sleep. So consider this one mom to another, sending advice, tricks I’ve learned, and help getting you a few zzz’s.

Good luck mamas! Keep up the good work, you are rocking it!





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