May 6, 2019

How many hours of photography for a wedding? | Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Let’s talk “world’s most asked question of a wedding photographer in the history of ever”

Ok, but seriously. As a fine art wedding photographer this is the question I get EVERY.SINGLE.WEDDING.INQUIRY

“I don’t know how many hours of wedding photography coverage I need”. Or “How many hours of wedding photography coverage do you recommend?” or “How many hours of wedding photography do most couples choose?”

What to consider-

You see the common thread here right? So- a blog post about it seemed like a great idea. There are a few things to consider when scheduling how many hours you will need for your wedding day. (One day I’ll make a flow chart for this :D)


Firstly, are you having bridal photos taken on the day of the wedding? If yes, build approximately an hour into your photography coverage for that.

Secondly, do you have a large wedding party? Are there going to be a lot of people that need hair and make up done? If so, do you want plenty of getting ready photos of you and your girls/guys? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely add in an hour of photography coverage there.

Next, are you doing a first look/first touch etc? If so, add in about a half hour for that. (Trust me it will be necessary)

Reception questions-

Ok, how long is your reception (think cocktail hour all the way until the grand exit)? Assuming you want your photographer there for the entire reception, start to finish, add however many hours your reception is expecting to be.

Speaking of reception- are you planning a grand exit? If yes (assuming you want it photographed) then the entire reception needs to be included. If you are NOT planning a grand exit, or do not care about it being photographed then you can end your photographer coverage after cake cutting/first dances/bouquet and garter and a little bit of reception time. Usually 2 hours after the completion of formal portraits is sufficient to cover the above mentioned events within the timeline.


There is plenty more conversations we can have about this and I always work with my wedding clients to help create a timeline that works for them, and allows me to create the most amazing photos possible with the proper timing. As a fine art wedding photographer I feel like this part is essential to providing my clients with the experience and images they expect. Comment or email me if you want to chat more about it!



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