May 7, 2019

Best wedding Venues near Highlands Ranch | Colorado Wedding Photographer

We had previous started a list of best Colorado venues, but Colorado is a much more broad area that Highlands Ranch. So I thought narrowing the venue list down to our immediate area might help some local brides and grooms. I am  Colorado Wedding Photographer (and destination), just thought more local may be helpful for some of our readers.


Best wedding venues near Highlands Ranch Colorado:

  1. The obvious first answer is the Highlands Ranch Mansion. It is a historical building owned by the town of Highlands Ranch, and is out of this world beautiful. I can’t even pick a season when it is best because whether it is covered in snow, has all the amazing tulips blooming in the spring, all the leaves changing in the fall or is flourishing in green with life in the summer- it is always exceptionally beautiful.
  2. The next on the list is a more indoor type of venue which is not my usual style, but due to it’s very “nature” friendly and natural atmosphere, it belongs on this list. Moss Denver is stunning y’all. It is a much more modern look that the aforementioned venue, but nonetheless beautiful in it’s own way. The moss covered walls, massive windows with natural light streaming in, and modern concrete walls are too gorgeous. This should definitely be one on your list to go check out!
  3.  Skylight has to be next here. This venue offers insanely amazing flexibility. You can bring your own vendors, and the reception area is basically a giant blank slate for you to do WHATEVER you want decor wise. I love this concept, because it can be customized however you want for your theme. You can totally let all of your creativity shine through here. For the ceremony there is a beautiful courtyard will moss covered walls for an epic backdrop as well. This can be as simple or as extravagant as you chose!
  4. If the rooftop and indoor reception is more your scene, then the Clock Tower MUST be on your list to visit. The uniqueness of this venue cannot be matched, and the city view of Denver is breathtaking from the rooftop. Photos with the massive clock and city skyline are beyond elegant.
  5. Ok, last on my list for today is blanc. This place has so much character I couldn’t even properly describe it in words. (But you all know I’m going to try anyways LOL) Imagine an outdoor ceremony in the downtown area, with Edison bulbs hanging above your heads. Cocktail hour hosted in an indoor/outdoor bar with exposed original brick walls and accordion style glass door to open for a breeze. Outdoor reception seating areas under the trees and twinkle lights with lounges and sofas etc. This place is a dream and you should definitely check it out

Thanks so much for always stopping by. I hope these were helpful, email me if you’re still looking for your photographer and we can have many more of these conversations to see which are good fits for you! As a wedding photographer in Colorado I would love to chat more with you about your venues and any questions/concerns you may have!




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