May 10, 2019

Monica Margaritas – a Cocktail Hour Option | Highlands Ranch Wedding Photographer

I’m a tequila and dry dry wine lover. I have a liquor cabinet that is always full with variety because we love to mix it up every now and then. Heck I even bought Keith this awesome bar recipe book for Christmas one year so we could try fancy recipes! I have worked in countless weddings as a wedding photographer and can attest to the best cocktail hour options!

The Monica Margarita

But at night when my kids are in bed there are only two drinks I will reach for. Either a cabernet savignon or my Altos Tequila for a Monica Margarita. Yep I named my own margarita. I am not ashamed to admit that. In fact, I am probably not anywhere near the first to create this combination but I am the first within any string of people I’ve ever discussed this with so my favorite drink became my namesake 😀

So how about I share with all of you wonderful people because a) I like you and b) it could be a great DIY option for a cocktail hour drink. How cook would it be to have your cocktail hour drink named after your photographer!? 😀


So for the Monica Margarita you need:

1) Altos Silver Tequila

2) Kirkland Signature Margarita Mix

3) Lime Margarita Salt

4. Ice

See 4 easy ingredients and 2 of them can come from amazon prime! Winning!

Precise Directions

Get yourself a a good size glass- for a Monica Margarita you need a big glass. Salt your rim first, after salting your rim fill the glass with ice. Next step is extremely precise so pay close attention. Begin pouring the tequila and pour for a good 4-5 seconds or until the tequila is about halfway filling the glass. (See, extremely precise 😀 ) The final step is to finish filling it with the margarita mix. Wham bam you got yourself what should be a fantastic margarita. <3 Drink up girlfriend you deserve it!

Like I said this could be a great and affordable cocktail hour drink for your wedding guests that is easy to make in large batches! If you wanted to color coordinate the drinks with your wedding colors you could even add a splash of food coloring to the mix, or the salt. Also you can customize the drinks to match your theme by doing fun straws, umbrellas etc.

Hope you enjoy this! If you have suggestions or ideas for what else you would want to read about in my blog let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas or things y’all wants advice on!

Remember I’ve attended and photographed A LOT of weddings, I want to help you how I can!



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