May 11, 2019

Friday Introductions | Highlands Ranch Photographer

I figured that if social media introductions were all the rage, then so should blog postings. I know there are at least some people that read these things so why not? maybe somebody wants to read about Monica the Highlands Ranch Photographer 😉

So- I’m Monica. The end.

Just kidding- Talking about yourself in an official form like this is pretty hard. I feel like I should just start making a bulleted list LOL

A little about your local Highlands Ranch Photographer

I do try to share a bit of personal and family things on my instagram so if you are interested in the chaotic life of an entrepreneur mother to two with a husband who works about 60 hours a week sometimes traveling out of state for extended periods of time, with two giant fur babies then you should definitely follow me at

With all that said, I promised introductions. My name is Monica, I am the mother to two beautiful and feisty children. I have two rescue dogs one is a pitbull/black curr/heinz 57 mix the other is a rottweiler doberman mix who is a little dumb, but will protect every member of this family with his life and loves us fiercely.

As a kid-

I loved taking photos as a kid. One of the most exciting things ever when I was growing up, was to get a disposable 35mm camera. Having an slr 35mm would have been a dream come true, but at that time in my life it was so far out of reach, it was a dream I didn’t even know I had. But a 35mm disposable, now that was a good day!

Except- crazy me wanted to take photos of EVERYTHING. So guess how long that little disposable camera lasted? approximately 5 minutes. And it never failed that roll of film with approximately 25 photos of a lizard, 2 old school selfies, and some photos of the trees in my front yard would just about the same photos as the last camera my mom had surprised me with. But for me it never got less exciting.

The switch to digital-

Somewhere along the line our world switched to digital cameras and I lost a little bit of interest. As a 10, 11, 12 year old in a home with 5 kids, having the extra money for (what was) a very expensive new piece of technology was just not happening. As technology does, digital cameras got cheaper and more accessible. I’m pretty sure my first digital camera was my moms worst nightmare.
Back then we still took our digital cameras to have all the images printed at walmart/walgreens because we didn’t all have computers like now- or if we did, that type of storage wasn’t really normal for a family computer.

So what did this outgoing, creative, photo loving teenager do? Staple every dang one of those things to her bedroom walls. Yep. I did that. And somewhere on facebook (where my facebook stalkers at) there is a photo of me standing in said bedroom with approximately 5000 photos stapled to my wall. It is an epic photo, I’m pretty sure I have a flag on my ceiling, and a bandanna on my head like a pirate- it is truly a classic you will enjoy it.

A long time love-

All of that to say, photography has always, ALWAYS been unimaginably important to me. With that said, back then, I cared only about documenting every single amazing moment I was a part of and a lot less about art- but the concept hasn’t changed much. I still photograph incredibly joyous moments that mean so very much to me and/or my clients. Now, I have just wisened up a bit and started learning how to improve my skills and create artistic pieces.

Your typical mom-tographer story-

Eventually I got back into photography again after my second kiddo was born. I wanted to have photos taken of her but my husband and I were both state employees and had just bought our first home. Having professional photos taken was not anywhere near in the budget. So I found a camera with a good rebate and tried my hand.

Man did I think I rocked! 😀 Y’all I cringe looking back at some of those photos. But when I look back I still see the vision I had or was trying to achieve and just didn’t yet know how. Experimenting with the camera, and the light, and the shutter, and all the things was something I was immediately drawn to and continued learning about. I have since found my niche and what really lights a fire in my stylistically anyways, but I am a forever student and am always striving to improve, learn more and be better every day.

The process-

It took me about 3 years to get “good” at photography, and find weddings, as my passion but when I did, man you couldn’t stop me. I was full steam ahead, I could photograph a 12 hour wedding and be excited to do another the next day. I have since learned to slow down a bit, and spend more time doing really amazing work, with clients and weddings that really fit my style and personality, which only makes my work naturally fall into place even better.

Like I said, I’m a lifetime student and always learning. Maybe it is business, maybe it is photography, maybe it is just growing up. But I’m always, happily, learning.

Tata for now folks, stay tuned for next Friday’s introductions!


photo credit to my darling friend Brianne Hulzman Photography for these super fun and adorable headshots!

Omaha wedding photographer Monica Evans Personal Story Headshot



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