May 12, 2019

Mother’s Day Love | Highlands Ranch Newborn Photographer

Happy Mother’s Day to all you rockstars!

I hope every one of you get treated like the queens you are by your loved ones! <3 On this day, and every day you deserve every ounce of help, praise and love you receive. As mommas we are so bad at asking or accepting help. Let today be the start of a new habit. Make a habit of accepting help when it is offered, and if it isn’t offered make a habit of asking for help BEFORE YOU NEED IT. Because guess what, once you need it you’re already overwhelmed and drowning. Mommas, you deserve to not be overwhelmed and drowning. Being overwhelmed and drowning is not a Mom Badge of Honor! Would you rather spend that 15 minutes folding another pile of laundry, or playing basketball in the driveway with your kids? You could be hanging with me in the studio capturing memories of you and your babies playing together instead of sweeping for the 3rd time today!
If you are a single mom, or a mom who doesn’t have much support close by to spoil you today- SPOIL YOURSELF. If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times- you cannot pour from an empty cup. You deserve this. Let me say it again for the ones in the back. You deserve this!

As a Mom and local Highlands Ranch Newborn Photographer (AKA entreprenreur mom)

Happy Mother’s Day to all you rockstars who don’t have your baby in your arms anymore, or don’t have your baby in your arms yet, despite years of praying and crying for one. You have an unimaginable strength that makes you mom of the year every day. You are celebrated just as hard today and you deserve to enjoy this day too.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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