May 14, 2019

Cloth Diapers 101 | Highlands Ranch Photographer

Are you considering cloth diapers for your newborn? I am a mom and a Highlands Ranch Photographer specializing in newborns, so hopefully I can offer some insight.

With each of my kids, I used both cloth and disposable diapers. I found a happy medium for our family using a mixture of cloth and disposable.

With the ever growing need for eco friendly options has more and more parents are looking into cloth diapering their newborn child or at least if it is a feasible option for them. I thought a short course on the different types of cloth diapers may help some of you when deciding!


So to start- Prefolds (great for photography!)

There are a few different types of cloth diapers- most people automatically think of prefolds when they think of cloth diapers. Prefolds are basically the stuff our parents and grandparents used. They are definitely the easiest to care for and clean, but they do require a little extra work during the actual diapering act. Prefolds need pins to keep them on.

Now-a-days there are new clasps that are a bit safer than safety pins such as these Snappis you can find on Amazon! They are a bit safer than safety pins and much easier to use than diaper safety pins. Also, prefolds should have waterproof covers over them because prefolds are not waterproof or leakproof. So unless you want to get random wetspots on your hip, carrying baby- definitely find some diaper covers too. Here is an example of one- there are some plain white ones you can find from Gerber etc. but many people make custom ones and cutesy covers also.
One thing to keep in mind with prefolds is that you will need to size up as baby grows.

All-In-One (AIO)

All-in-one is another type of modern cloth diaper. AIO (all-in-one) makes for the easiest changing process. They can be put on and off in one fail swoop just like disposable diapers. AIO also have the option of just taking out the insert if the baby only peed. This saves laundry time, diaper turnover etc.

What is really convenient about AIO is that they have layers of snaps so that the diaper can start snapped down low to be sized down for a newborn. And snaps can be raised up to be sized up as baby grows which is extra convenient because you don’t even have to buy anymore diapers than your original set! (Unless of course you want to, because cloth diapers are super cute and fun to buy 😀 )

Pocket Diapers

The last popular option are pocket diapers. Pocket diapers are extremely similar to AIO except that they will need to be completely changed with every pee or poo. With a pocket diaper, an insert goes into a pocket in the diaper.

The inserts are often made of microfiber though my preference was also hemp or bamboo. I found microfiber to be a stinkier option, the hemp and bamboo inserts stayed fresher and just got softer the more they got washed. The advantage of pockets is that when you are putting baby to bed you can put an extra insert in the diaper. This way even for middle of the night wettings baby’s bottom can stay dry.


The last really important piece to remember is to get your self a wetbag! A wetbag is a waterproof bag to keep your diapers in when out and about, or traveling etc so that your diaper bag stays nice and dry and stinkfree <3

The link above are some cute ones I found on Amazon, but there are plenty of options and sizes that can be found all over amazon!

I hope that helps! If any of you want to bring cloth diapers to your session with me I would love to photograph them! They are so fun and cute.

As always leave any questions in the comments!





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