May 17, 2019

How to Get Amazing Engagement Photos | Highlands Ranch Wedding Photographer

Let me guess, you were looking between mine (and probably several other) website and on the homepage you see a handful of the most perfect photos ever and you want nothing less than that equal perfection for your engagement (or wedding) photos. Am I right?! Not to worry your Highlands Ranch Wedding Photographer is here to help! <3

Let me tell you a secret…

So let me tell you a secret. Those photos do not happen by happenstance. They are not quick little snapshots we took in the middle of the day after a lunch date. I know I know, some of you may already realize this BUT I find it my duty to educate my clients to the best of my ability on appropriate expectations and how to best achieve the results they desire. I want every single one of my clients to be in love with the experience they have with me AND the photos they receive.


These are a few things to consider when scheduling and booking your engagement photos.

  1. Talk with your photographer about the best time to do them. In most cases it will be sunrise or an hour before sunset, but if you live in (or are doing photos in) the mountains or forested area then those times can change- so be sure to work with your photographer on that and take their advice!
  2. If there is a specific photo your photographer has taken that you really love- tell them! Tell them which things about the photo you like (the outfits, the location etc) so that we can guide you in how to achieve the elements you like. For example, if you love the photo of the brunette with the flowy dress and wind blowing her hair- then we need to discuss how to style your hair, and a location that will have a good breeze!
  3. If you do not know what to wear, or have concerns about the outfits picked out, your photographer should have an outfit guide or can at least direct you in the way to go towards picking out outfits that correspond well with each other and will compliment your location and style as well.
  4. Get your hair and makeup done by a professional! I’m serious. I cannot tell you how many orange faces I am doing my best to edit to look natural. When we do our own makeup, ya we probably look good in person, but cameras don’t always see everything the same way that eyes do. Professional makeup artists know which types of highlighters, foundations etc to use that work well with the camera and any flashes that may be used.Highlands-Ranch-Wedding-Photographer
  5. Try on your outfit a couple days before the engagement shoot. Make sure it fits well, make sure you can move around comfortably in it so it looks comfortable and natural in the photos. Also trying on your dress/outfit before gives you time to be sure you have the appropriate bra (don’t want any stray neon pink bra straps sticking out do we?)
  6. Remember- if it is a dreary, grey, or rainy day your photos will not look the same as someone with a clear sunset. Not just the sky either- the light on your face and the reflection on your clothes (really the overall color of the photos) will be different. Please be sure to keep that in mind. This does not mean that your photos will not still be beautiful- they will, but just remember to keep your expectations realistic of what the photo can look like.
  7. Again on expectations; (Please understand I do not mean any disrespect by this, just trying to be honest and help provide appropriate expectations). If you are trying to recreate an image or style you saw on pinterest, and the people in the pinterest post were in the Moab desert overlooking a 1000 foot drop, and are each 6′ models with professional hair and makeup artists on call, as well as stylists designing their entire designer outfits; unless you fit all of those descriptions, there is a decent chance your photo will not come out just the same. And that is OK. Let me say it again THAT IS OK. Your photos will still be beautiful and you will love them because they will encompass a style you love, with your personality and the person you love!
  8. Engagement photos have transitioned a lot over the years and more and more people are leaning towards the candid and playful/romantic type of styles. With this said, if these are the types of photos you would like, be sure to talk to you photographer about it. That way y’all can be sure this is the best fit. Also, you should know that if you want some fun candids you are going to have to be willing to get silly and have fun. Leave your shyness at the car door and get ready for a little crazy. <3


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