May 20, 2019

Colfax Marathon Race Series | Highlands Ranch Photographer and Runner

You all know I like to share personal stuff on here- I like to keep it real with you guys. Successes and failures. For those that don’t know I am a local Highlands Ranch Photographer and Runner. I like sharing pieces of each here!
So I plan to do just that-

This weekend I ran in the Colfax Marathon Series. I ran the half marathon not the full. Well not this time at least. You see my goal was to run my first marathon in the Colfax series, however my own illness, followed by each kid getting flu then strep really put a damper on my ability to get in the heavy miles. I decided I should run the half this time around instead of risking hurting myself trying to run a full marathon without enough training. I was bummed, but knew it was the right decision. With that said I will still run a full marathon. I’m keeping my eye out for the right one- if you know of any let me know!

Entrepreneur Life

Anyways, as an entrepreneur and photographer I’m lucky to have the flexibility in my schedule to work training in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still busy- but I’m able to figure it out most days. My husbands schedule admittedly makes it a little difficult because it usually makes me 100% on call for the kids and their schedule but with some determination, self forgiveness, and flexibility I’m usually able to make it work. Sometimes that means breaking long work out days into two different workouts (yes, coaches I get it isn’t ideal, but you do what you gotta do!)

It had been a while

Running the half marathon on Sunday was a variety of successes and failures, but I’m OK with that. Each race I learn more about training, my body, and finding a good routine that works best for me. This race started slow for me, I was incredibly nervous because it was the first race I had run in three years! Yep three years! I have no idea how time went by that fast but here we are.

Minor Soapbox warning

I was so worried about getting a time that was worse than my previous “bad” time and being embarrassed. Which let me stop and point out right now, was dumb. If you run a half marathon and you finish and you did your best you should be nothing but PROUD. Let me say that again for those in the back. You should be PROUD. You did it- you did what approximately 90% of the nation has never and will never do. You tested yourself and you passed. You rock. OK, soapbox aside, I was being hypocritical and judging myself for (potentially) not doing as good as I had before.


I started slow, it was an incredibly cold May day in Denver and thank goodness it wasn’t raining, but I wasn’t thrilled about the 38 degree temps. Maybe the temps threw me off and that’s why I couldn’t seem to hit my rhythm, maybe my nerves did. I’m not sure what it was, but yesterday it took me a solid 6 miles to feel warm, in my groove and comfortable and usually its only about  miles for me to get to that place.

However, once I hit my groove I started feeling really good. I felt warm, comfortable, and steady- like I could run that pace for hours. I was able to pull off a bunch of negative splits throughout the day regardless and was pretty excited about that. My first mile was a 10:47 and my last mile was an 8:50. I know these were not my best times, but I was still pleasantly surprised with them after the rough start.

Along the run, at mile 8 they were handing out energy gels, this time they were honey stinger honey packets. Ok I love honey y’all, but let me paint a picture to describe this disaster- Denver has an altitude of over 5000 feet, at this altitude every packaged item is trying to explode, including energy honey packets. Yes this honey exploded on my hands during mile 8 of my race. It was a mess, it was dripping everywhere covered my hands ugh it was awful. I tossed the packet and began trying to lick this honey off my hands y’all. It was gross and sticky and I could already barely breathe LOL. I bet it would have been a pretty funny video if someone caught it while I ran by 😀

Successes (read stubbornness)

By mile 10 I was still speeding up knowing I only had 3 miles left- these three miles are really what the training is for. So that after 10 miles you can still feel fast and strong and ready to finish those miles. My right hamstring was screaming at me, it was so tight but I wasn’t giving up at this point. I’m too stubborn and internally competitive. I consider it one of those weaknesses that is also a strength.

All in all, I finished in a 2:11 which placed as my 3rd best time out of 4 total half marathon races. My goal was to not embarrass myself and I didn’t 😉

Wedding Photographer Segway

Coolest part of this entire story, is that I am incredibly lucky to be a wedding photographer. I’m even more lucky to be a wedding photographer to clients that I love dearly and become good friends. For this race my previous bride Tattiana (shes on my website!) and her husband flew to Denver so she could run the half marathon with me! It was super special to me and remind me that I do not just click a button. My job is more than the click of a button and my clients mean more to me than that. Hopefully being a Highlands Ranch Photographer and Runner now will allow me to make some local runner client/friends so they won’t have to fly so far next time! 😀

Here are some quick cell shots of the day!





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