May 21, 2019

Most Common Birth Dates | Highlands Ranch Photographer

Are you planning a pregnancy? Or are you already pregnant and looking into how crazy birthday parties are going to be in a few years? Are you trying to determine when is best to book your newborn photographer in Highlands Ranch or Denver area?

A study done by VizWiz shows the single most popular date of birth is September 16. In facet the top 10 dates are all in September. What does this tell us? It tells us that my September and October work schedule are SUPER busy with tiny new babies needing to be photographed 😀
It also tells us that Christmas time is when lots of couples are cozying up together! As a baby with a September 6 due date, and September 20 birth date I am totally not judging 😉

Why are these the most popular?

July and August are the next most popular months which suggests that we seem to want to snuggle with our significant others a lot more when it is cold outside. That makes sense right? Who is trying to be all cuddly when it is 95 degrees outside and you are sweating yourself to sleep?

You know what us mommas don’t think about though? What it feels like to be a million months pregnant in July and August!

So, lets talk least common birth months!

If you want your baby to not be competing for a birthday party date definitely plan for January or April, these dates are the least common birth dates. January 1, 2, 3 as well as December 24, 25, and 26 rank the lowest for birth rates. Now without getting on a soapbox about Dr’s scheduling births to convenience their holiday schedules, we should note that it is probably most likely that these dates are the least common because they fall on common holidays and vacation days. If you are determined to let that baby come whenever he/she will come then no need to worry about your doctor’s vacation! But if you are determined to have your regular OB/Midwife deliver your baby, then just consider the potential of them calling out on these dates!

It seems to me, that April is the best bet for birthing a baby. Firstly, your friendly neighborhood newborn photographer is not nearly as booked up. Secondly,birthday parties will not be so tough to schedule. Last but not least there aren’t any major holidays in April that could have your doctor calling out!

Check out the link and leave a comment with how popular your birthday or your kids birthday is! Is there a link between any of the birthdays and any special days they may have been conceived on?



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