May 22, 2019

Best Bridesmaids Gifts | Highlands Ranch Photographer

I know so many brides trying to put together the absolute BEST bridesmaids gifts and do it without blowing their entire wedding budget on this alone. So, I have gathered some of the more unique and usable gifts I’ve seen over the years as a wedding photographer.

Travel Bags

I’ve seen tons of travel bags as gifts over the years, but look at how cute these are HERE! These could be customized with the wedding date, or maybe a nickname you have for your bridesmaid. Or if you want it to be more usable in the long term, you could monogram them with the bridesmaids initials!



Canvas and leather bag for bridesmaids gifts


Robes are a hugely popular bridesmaid gift. I see tons and tons of these. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Robes are hugely functional and every young woman needs a silk robe. They are just classy, and a good thing to have in every closet. Plus how special to have one with their name on it and the memories of your wedding day. I found THESE on amazon and LOVE them!

Joy Mabelle Women's Short Kimono Satin Robe for Brides and Bridesmaids, Customize Your Own Name or Title on Front or Back, Personalized Bridesmaid Robes Bridal Party, Bridal Party Gifts Ideas


Ok, so maybe this is a super special bridesmaid gift that could be reserved for maid and matron of honor or even your flower girl! But, for the super special ladies in your life these necklaces are absolutely gorgeous!

Personalized Necklace Silver Name Plate Bar Gold Necklace Custom Silver Necklace Graduation Gift Wedding Bridesmaid Gift Mom Wedding Gifts for Her - 4N

Purse Mirror-

Ok, I know it sounds incredibly old fashioned and lame. But let’s be real no one carries pocket mirrors anymore, yet we ALWAYS need one! I know we have cell phones now and use the camera, but they are distorted and blurry and not great in the dark- it’s just not a winning combination.

I think a purse mirror is an amazing idea! Specifically this adorable rose gold one!

For funsies!

Ok, I know this one isn’t quite as sentimental or functional as the other but look at how fun and cute it is! It would be great for all the bridesmaids to have these hankies during the wedding!

I know there are a thousand more options, but these are some of the ones I have loved seeing, as well as ones that others have loved receiving. Functional gifts is always something I’m looking for because I would hate to get someone a gift they could never use again!

If you have any other ideas or gifts you have really loved, please share them in the comments!



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