Jun 1, 2019

Bridal Braids | Highlands Ranch Photographer

You all know we over here at Monica Evans Photography  (and by we I mean me) LOVE loose flowy hairstyles and those often include gorgeous bridal braids. Sometimes half braids, sometimes large voluminous braids, but either way bridal braids are always stunning!


See what I mean about the loose flowy curls? They are absolute gorgeousness and class and sexy all at the same time!


How about the two half braids making a stunning crown above those stunning beach curls?!


Lindsay’s updo was a combination of crown braids, with a low bun and loose curls. This one is amazing for warmer weather or more humid weather since it will keep your hair off your neck or help you to not lose the curls in the humidity.


This option, with the low pony, voluminous top and a braid wrapping the pony tail is a classic. It is extremely elegant and low maintenance throughout the night!


Ok so not a braid but how stunning is this half pulled back loose curl style with a comb? I’m obsessed with the flapper fashion going on here!

That’s all for today folks- maybe I’ll do a part two! Stay tuned!

Big thanks to Megan Rei, Caroline Colvin, and Lucky Malone for having me along to second shoot some of these gorgeous weddings!




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