Apr 30, 2020

Destination Weddings and Travel Weddings |Nebraska Photographer

Yes I know I’ve moved a lot! And with all those moves comes a lot of people telling me “Well I didn’t know if you would even be able to travel that far for our wedding!” YES! Because of all of my moves I am now a full blown travel photographer and destination photographer. I have the gear, equipment, passport and everything necessary to travel anywhere for weddings and sessions. I have traveled for maternity sessions, newborn sessions, and weddings. Traveling is a deep love of mine and I am so excited to be able to offer this service to my loyal and fantastic clients.

Where do you travel?

I can travel just about anywhere to photograph just about any session. Canada can be tricky due to work visa legalities but if you are interested please contact me and we will figure something out!

Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains

Do you do destination weddings?

YES! I absolutely love destination weddings! I love being able to help the couple plan a timeline and incorporate the unique location details into their gallery. Travel for destination weddings is one of the absolute biggest perks of being a destination photographer. The excitement of creating a gallery of completely unique and fun images is one of my favorite creative challenges. We have shot everything from mountains to oceans and in between. However when researching photographers for your destination wedding please be sure to discuss all legalities and permits of your venue with your photographer and ensure all contracts align.

Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains

Have you ever shot at my venue?

You guys, I get asked this question ALL THE TIME. I want to clarify something- there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of wedding venues just within the 3 states I’ve lived. Statistically, there is a decent chance that I have not shot at your venue. However, not for one single solitary second does that have me concerned for my ability to shoot your wedding expertly. I have shot at MANY venues. Some venues are dark, some venues are all outdoor and bright, some venues are all yellow pine. It is literally my job to document your day beautifully and I am good at that no matter what. Whether I have shot at a particular venue or not does not worry me at all. In fact, shooting at new venues is one of my favorite things to do. It allows me to be creative, unique and think outside of the box rather than have yet another gallery at the same venue over and over.

Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains


The photos you see in this post are from a wedding I shot with my friend Megan from Megan Rei Photography at a location I had never been to before! Yep- side of a mountain I had never been to and these IMPECCABLE images are the result. Hire a photographer you can trust. You can trust me. However, if we aren’t a fit,  hire someone you can trust knows what they are doing and how to handle all light situations. Not all destination photographers are created equally.

Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains

Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains


Email me if you have any other questions about hiring me as your destination photographer or travel photographer for sessions, weddings etc. I have done it many times and have a routine down solid, I’m happy to discuss it with you further!

Destination photographer wedding on Colorado mountains



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