Apr 15, 2019

When you schedule your newborn session there are a few very simple tips and tricks to keep in mind to help your photo session go as smooth and enjoyable as possible. A newborn session with us usually lasts 1:30- 2 hours so just keep that in mind when planning other things for that day as […]

Feb 21, 2019

So I know I just bore you guys all the time with wedding photos 😉 so I decided to mix it up a bit with this gorgeous little lady and her baby bump! Chrystie is one of the MOST gorgeous mommas I have ever seen! And you can just tell immediately when talking to her […]

Jan 1, 2019

As many of you may recall I recently ran a newborn model call session in my new in-home studio. I did this for a couple reasons but primarily to get my newborn work out into the world after we have moved and reach more parents. I also did this newborn model call to meet some […]

Dec 31, 2018

When writing about my couples and blogging their weddings I always catch myself starting with how amazing there are. I totally get that is true, my couples seriously are the most amazing but I also get that is probably a bit boring to read about in blog posts every time. So this time I want […]

Oct 27, 2018

I’m super lucky to be able to live in this incredibly beautiful place. I don’t ever let myself forget that, however one of the biggest advantages is that I get to be close my my brother and sister in law, and my darling nephew. We are trying to soak up spending as much time with […]