May 6, 2019

Let’s talk “world’s most asked question of a wedding photographer in the history of ever” Ok, but seriously. As a fine art wedding photographer this is the question I get EVERY.SINGLE.WEDDING.INQUIRY “I don’t know how many hours of wedding photography coverage I need”. Or “How many hours of wedding photography coverage do you recommend?” or […]

Apr 23, 2019

Okay, so today let’s talk about wedding tablescapes and table dĂ©cor. Now, this can go in 500 million, bajillion directions. This is a place where you can become as creative or as simplistic and minimalistic as your heart desires. Wedding tablescapes and is one part of the wedding in the reception where you can truly […]

Apr 23, 2019

Trending  wedding shoes Okay, so another common question that I hear, maybe not a question I get asked often as a photographer, but I hear it a ton on wedding boards and forums and groups on Facebook. Soooo many people are asking about trending wedding shoes. This question gets asked all the time, you guys. […]

Apr 20, 2019

Wedding bouquets Let’s talk about your wedding bouquet for a minute. One of the biggest decisions that wedding couples get hung up on is the florals. Do you start with your color palette and then choose florals based on your color palette, or do you choose your florals first and go with a color palette […]

Apr 19, 2019

Should I do a first look? So you can’t decide if you want a first look, huh? I cannot tell you how many times my clients, my brides, my grooms, even bridesmaids will say, “Should they do a first look? Should we do a first look? Or maybe just a first touch? How about a […]

Apr 15, 2019

Wedding day tips part 2 A few weeks ago I posted part 1 of wedding day tips from a wedding photographer, you can find that post here. Part 2 starts below! Wedding dress alterations, ohhhh wedding dress alterations. The part of the process that can be easy peasy with a good seamstress or Not so […]

Apr 13, 2019

Obviously, I say this about every single wedding. I know it sounds redundant. But I seriously love being a wedding photographer and being able to do wedding photography. Every single wedding makes me feel this way. BUT this wedding, this wedding was something special. This is a wedding that cannot be matched sentimentally. You see, […]

Mar 12, 2019

So, planning a wedding huh? It is supposed to be the most exciting time ever, and everyone tells you how amazing it is…. What they don’t tell you, is all the little things they didn’t think of. I mean how could they? They didn’t think of it right? That’s why we decided a series of […]

Feb 26, 2019

Have you ever moved somewhere, not known a single person, moved your business and had to start over? No would be the most common and expected answer- but for me- it’s yes. And oh my gosh was it one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But you know what else- it was the best […]

Feb 18, 2019

So, you want to get married in Colorado, right? You want those INCREDIBLE mountain views blessing your marriage, right? You love that Colorado offers all four seasons and you can enjoy those views anytime of year, right? We’ve put together this list of Colorado wedding locations to help you out! BUT- where in the world […]